Caring for Your Furry Friends Like Family

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Is your dog, cat, horse or other furry (or feathered) family member living their best life? Do you believe they deserve to live the best life they can and have happiness? Many of us have furry family and just like people, animals are all individuals and have special needs. Some are rescues with an unknown past, some have been with you their whole life and have anxiety when you are out of their site, some have lots of energy, and some are just plain crazy!

I understand how to care for all your pet's special needs. I understand the "zoomies", potty time at their perfect spot on the walk, and feeding that special treat at meal time (or any time!). Your pet, their routines, and their needs are priority when I care for your furry family member. 

You may have the basics down-you feed your pet, you exercise them, you give them love. But something may still feel like it is missing. Or maybe you have been struggling with a behavior issue or a health issue that you just can't find the answers to. Energy Therapy is often an overlooked health care option that can bring you and your pet balance, calm and a path to better health. I incorporate 100% therapeutic grade essential oils when caring for your pet as well as provide communication that may be lacking. 

Pets are family and many pets live very closely with us. When your furry family is in distress, everyone in your household feels that imbalance. When your pet is happy, the whole family is happy! I can help bring that balance and harmony back to your home.