Caring for You and Your Furry Friends Like Family

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Physical, mental, and emotional support with Energy Healing

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All sizes, great and small

We honor unique requests

We honor unique requests

More than dogs and cats

More than dogs and cats


Helping your pet feel at home

Reiki energy healing animal

Help your pet find balance and calm

Family. We all have our own definition of what that is.  What makes up the relationships in your life? People are impacted by the lives they lead. Sometimes our daily life can lead to stress, anxiety, indecision, physical injury or pain, and illness. Sometimes you just feel out of it, or "blah".  Sometimes you feel wound up and can't settle down. Or you have chronic health issues that just won't go away. Energy healing can bring balance back into your life. By finding that balance, you can be the person you want to be for your family.


Many of us have furry family and just like people, dogs are all individuals and have special needs. Some are rescues with an unknown past, some have been with you their whole life and have anxiety when you are out of their site, some have lots of energy, and some are just plain crazy! We understand how to care for you and all your pet's special needs. We understand the "zoomies", potty time at their perfect spot on the walk, and feeding that special treat at meal time (or any time!). Your pet and your routines are priority when we care for your furry family member.

Your health and well being are a priority with us, make it a priority for yourself! 

Happy Hooman=Happy Pup=Happy Life