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  • What is the difference between Healing touch and Reiki?
    Reiki and Healing Touch for Animals both use energy movement to clear and balance congestion or blockage of the energetic body. The energetic body includes the Chakras, energy field or aura around us, and the Hara. Reiki is an all encompassing process whereas Healing Touch is more specific to the location or specific need at that time. Natural Pet Wellness combines both modalities for the most efficient treatment the body needs at that time.
  • Will Reiki work on Pets?
    Yes, Reiki and most forms of energy healing work on animals. It can actually work on any living thing! We are all made up of energy-from our molecules and atoms to the outside of our skin! Animals have an energy system and field just like humans do. For animals, their energy is much larger than ours because of their need to be aware of their surroundings. It is like an instinctual field. Animals still have emotions and experiences just like people do. Sometimes those past situations or relationships can cause their energy system to be blocked which could result in behavior issues, pain, emotional distress and more. Energy work helps their body to come into balance making way for calmness, relaxation and a sense of well being.
  • How much does a REIKI/ Healing Touch session for pets cost?
    A REiki /Healing touch session is comparable to many self care regimes like massage or chiropractic adjustments or a nice dinner. A typical session will cost around $56 - 76 dollars. The session lasts 45 minutes, includes a post session evaluation that provides insights and resources you can use at home.
  • Will aromatherapy (Essential oils )work on …. (Skin issues, behavior, anxiety, trauma in dogs)"
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