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Behavior Modification

Animals often act out when they don't understand something, when they feel fear or insecure, or when they are trying to do their job but unsure of what that job is. Often, we as humans, don't think to include our animals in plans or decisions. We take action and expect our pet to just follow along. Then, when they start behaving in a manner that we aren't comfortable with, or in a way that may even be harmful to them, we start looking for answers. Why is my dog pacing? Why is my dog chewing? Why is my cat peeing outside his box? Why are the other horses picking on my horse in the paddock? Why is my dog barking? So many whys. I can help you find those answers and increase the communication between you and your pet.  With Energy Therapy and Animal Communication behaviors can change and you can have a closer relationship with your furry family member. Behavior modification can be part of every energy session.

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