Healing Touch

      for Animals       (+ People)

Two modalities of energy healing are available. Reiki for people and Healing Touch for Animals (HTA).

All techniques can be combined but the training for HTA is specific to animal needs.

Why would you or your pet need energetic medicine?

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Ease emotional trauma and abuse issues

  • Relieve pain

  • Communicate and strengthen desired behaviors

  • Support end-of-life process or euthanasia

  • Provide a solid energetic foundation for a healthy immune system

  • Support overall health and wellness

HTA and Reiki is perfect to pair with traditional veterinary medicine and healthcare to provide the best total care for yourself and your pet.

What to expect during your pet's HTA Session:

I will come to your pet's home and work with you and your pet. There is an initial assessment and then various hand placements on your pet, depending on what your pet needs the most focus on. You will be asked to hold your pet or sit near your pet during the session. Sessions are approximately 45 minutes.

After a review of client information, we schedule an appointment in your home where your pet is most comfortable. For "Hoomans", please go to the "Hooman" tab for more info.