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Healing Touch for Animals

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Does Reiki/ Healing touch therapy work on animals?


Energy work is based on similar principles as acupuncture, believing that energy flows in the body (called Chi in acupuncture) and when this energy becomes blocked or stagnant, we experience health and emotional crisis.  Like humans, animals have a subtle body and energy field and benefit from a positive energy flow.

When cats and dogs are surrounded by stressful situations (including pain), energetic blockages or diminished movement can accumulate, causing imbalance and/or congestion in their energetic body that is reflected in the physical body in a wide range of symptoms.

Common Symptoms include:

  • fears/phobias

  • separation anxiety

  • trauma response

  • nervousness/general anxiety

  • aggression

  • travel anxiety and motion sickness 

  • stress and irritability

  • grief over the loss of a person or animal friend

  • phobias, obsessions and compulsions

  • depression

  • musculoskeletal issues

  • decreased mobility

  • nervous system disorders

What to expect during your pet's HTA Session:

I will come to your pet's home and work with you and your pet. There is an initial assessment and then various hand placements on your pet, depending on what your pet needs the most focus on. You will be asked to hold your pet or sit near your pet during the session. Sessions are approximately 45 minutes.

After a review of your pet's information and specific needs, I schedule an appointment in your home where your pet is most comfortable. 

Human Energy Sessions Available

Often our pets are a mirror of ourselves. If you have anxiety, stress, depression, or suffer from physical or mental stress, your pets or other family members may be off-balance and also show symptoms of those issues. Energy work for people is very helpful to work through or overcome the same issues your pet experiences. Find out how Energy Therapy can help you be your best person each day. 

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Cristi is the best!! My dog baby was lost for years and I found her at the pound 3 years later.  Baby had many physical and emotional problems from being with people who abused her. I tried everything to get her to calm down I searched up holistic healing for dogs and I found Cristi. I made a appointment had a session for baby and today I feel like she is finally able to relax and show us love!!

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SAVVY, The Destroyer

When Covid started we got our son’s dog... His dog was a rescue dog who had SEVERE separation anxiety with destructive behavior when left alone inside... I took him to the vet, read books, purchased a  very expensive, heavy duty, indestructible dog crate with a special bed, toys, etc.. I reached out to Cristi in desperation as I felt terrible for him and she did some (distance) sessions with us for several weeks using some energy work. She also gave us some very helpful pet tips that helped him relax and bring him a new understanding with improved, almost perfect behavior...Thanks to Cristi’s work and tips, he does SO GOOD now it’s unbelievable.

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Stevie Nicks, Learns to let go

I found Cristi while searching for a local animal communicator and reiki specialist for a foster cat who had suddenly lost its human caretaker. It was amazing to watch Cristi work with my foster cat. Cristi explained what she was doing, shared what she was learning from the foster, and communicated to the foster the next steps in her life. At one point when communicating with the foster cat- Cristi was explaining that the sudden loss of their cat's dad wasn't her fault- I saw the foster cat take a huge sigh and she just relaxed like she hadn't in the previous two weeks she was with me. After the communication and reiki session, the foster cat was a totally different cat. She has now moved on to her forever home and is thriving. 

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