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You may now hug your dog

What do dogs know about marriage?

Not much but my friend Winston, the Tibetan Mastiff, soon learned. Heather and Larbi adopted Winston as a couple and all Winston has known was that their love for each other is strong, and he is their world. So, when the energy in the house recently changed and started sending off stress vibes, he was not sure what was going on! He was concerned for them, and he too started to feel stressed.

So, when the Big Day arrived and they got married, they asked me to sit with him to do some energy work and communication. Winston had several Chakras closed that were related to stress, confusion and being left out. Once, his energy session finished and field in balance was established, we had a little talk. I assured him that he was still going to be cared for and loved. I did my best to explain marriage to him (no easy feat when dogs don’t see a reason for such formalities). I explained that it was a ceremony, or tradition, to proclaim your love for the rest of your lives and that this is an important ritual humans like to do. His first question was, why did he not get a ceremony? He loves them and wants to be part of their lives forever too! I told him that could be arranged once his parents came back.

When they arrived, they wanted some pictures with Winston in the backyard to remember their day. I felt a little silly (just a little) relaying what Winston wanted and asking them if they wouldn’t mind doing a short ceremony with him? Under the winter sun, standing in the snow, I asked each human if they would love and care for Winston for the rest of their lives and keep him in their memory always. They both said, “I do” and we ended with “you may now hug your dog.” Winston took this moment very seriously and was very proud to also have his own ceremony proclaiming his love for his people, and the people their love for their dog.

Share your love with your dog or whatever animal you share your life with. Any day is a day you can hug your pet and show them how much you care. No formal ceremony needed but I’m available if you want one!


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