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Stevie Nicks the cat, Learns to love again.

I found Cristi while searching for a local animal communicator and reiki specialist for a foster cat who had suddenly lost their human caretaker. Cristi was quick to respond and set up a time for a home visit. It was amazing to watch Cristi work with my foster cat. Cristi explained what she was doing, shared what she was learning from the foster, and communicated to the foster the next steps in her life. At one point when communicating with the foster cat- Cristi was explaining that the sudden loss of their cat dad wasn't her fault- I saw the foster cat take a huge sigh and she just relaxed like she hadn't in the previous two weeks she was with me. After the communication and reiki session, the foster cat was a totally different cat. She has now moved on to her forever home and is thriving. I would highly recommend Natural Pet + People Wellness and Cristi to anyone. I'll be bringing her back to my home for sessions with my cats and even myself.


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