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Holidays can be stressful, even for FIDO.

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

When the holidays approach we often think about the obvious dangers for our pets around festivities like eating rich table scraps (or getting into food they shouldn't), holiday decoration destruction, or trying to find a good pet sitter if you're going out of town. Something that is often overlooked is the stress level for your pet and behaviors that happen if your pet acts out because of the holiday stress. Much like your anxiety may rise as relatives arrive and routines change, pets also experience disruption. The advantage you have is that you know the stress is coming and can take steps to minimize it. Your dog or cat often doesn't get told about the upcoming changes or what is expected of them during these varied times.

Energy work combined with animal communication is a beneficial option for your pet's self care to prevent issues before they happen and ensure a merrier time for all. It is amazing how having a balanced energy system provides relaxation and calmer interactions. When animal communication is added, pets have the understanding and confidence to support you and behave better than your in-laws!

Book your appointment today to help your pet prepare for the upcoming holiday excursions!

Bonus* Energy work helps people too! Give yourself the same sense of calm and clarity your pet will enjoy!


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