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Getting back to a beginner mindset

Recently, I taught a Reiki Level 1 class and audited the Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) Level 1 course again. I had taken those entry-level courses in 2017, so when the opportunity arose to relook at my path as an energy practitioner, I couldn’t pass it up!

Teaching the Level 1 Reiki class was helpful to see energy work through the eyes of people who knew very little about energy work, other than some basic intuitive feelings they may have had at some point. I enjoyed sharing and explaining the whys and hows from my perspective of almost 7 years of doing energy therapy. The questions the students asked were good reminders of how energy therapy works as well as why I do this for a living. One of the students scheduled a session 3 weeks after class and all her Chakras except one was open! Normally, when this student would come to me as a client before taking the class, almost all Chakras would be closed and rarely stay open. Since she has learned how to use Reiki and can use Reiki on herself she is able to stay more grounded and keep an open energy flow. Seeing those moments of realization set in for my students and knowing that my knowledge provided them with tools to live a better life were satisfying at a deeper level.

Experiencing the Level 1 HTA class was also a good reset. The understanding that learning those basic, entry-level, techniques formed the foundation for much of the advanced work I do now was eye-opening. The experience and knowledge occur so slowly over time that sometimes it isn’t even noticed! Until you take a beginner class again. I found myself wanting to use my higher-level techniques or wanting to give the beginner students the “answers” but had to be patient and allow their own learning to take place. I was still learning, even though I had more advanced training. I learned patience, humility, and to be present.

Both beginner classes were helpful to reconnect to the foundation of where I started my energy healing journey. We are all beginners at something at some point and sometimes it is worthwhile to be a beginner again.


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