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Essential Oils for your First Aid Kit

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Energy work and essential oils work symbiotically together and enhance the effect of each other! I use both during my sessions with people and animals. These modalities raise your frequency or vibration. This means that the higher your energetic frequency or energy level the better you will feel. Essential oils are medicine from plants and our ancestors have used plants to heal for ages. As beneficial as energy work is, making an appointment sometimes doesn't happen as often as it should. A great support in between is using essential oils on your self or your pets.

The following oils are excellent to add to your first aid kit as an alternative to traditional over the counter options.

  1. Digize oil blend-helpful for digestive issues

  2. Copaiba-plant based anti-inflammatory

  3. PanAway oil blend-eases discomfort from injury or pain

  4. Lavender- soothing to skin and calming

  5. R.C. oil blend- improves upper respiratory movement and supports immune system health

Update your first aid kit and place your order. P.S. oils make great stocking stuffers

These essential oils can be used on your physical person or in a diffuser. Oils can be diluted with a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil. Never apply oils near an animals face. I love talking oils and encourage you to reach out any time!

***Caution: Not all oils are equal. I trust and use only 100% therapeutic grade oils from Young Living. Ask me how to order or purchase an oil directly from me.

***Caution: Be very careful when using oils on your pets. Less is more and start out by diffusing it in the air to see how your pet interacts with the oil.


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