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Distance Drama Queen

This is Indy and she is the Drama Queen. Indy and her brother Hiro are littermate rescues that joined our family as malnourished puppies. Indy is relatively good, she typically sleeps 20 times a day and enjoys a big hike in the woods. However, as Caesar Milan would say she is a “back of the pack” nervous, alarmist that creates drama. When Indy feels that her leader is not around, she barks and drives the energy up, often trying to make her brother Hiro take action. And that means grandparents, friends, and dog sitters struggle to enter our house and not just initially.

Although I knew Cristi and Natural Pet Wellness, I was hesitant to ask for her help with Indy as we were 1,000 miles apart. However, we were about to travel and I needed Indy to embrace a new leader, a dog sitter! Cristi performed 2 distance sessions on Indy to help her understand and accept that a new person was going to love her, keep her safe, and that I would return.

Cristi’s session had an effect on Indy, she was calmer and more relaxed. In addition, Cristi provided me with an amazing insight into how to help Indy understand the role of new people in our house. I still use the insights from that session to this day. It helps me when the grandparents visit, and, recently when I broke my ankle and needed a regular dog walker to take care of my dogs for over 3 months.

Cristi is an amazing Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner and Energy Therapist. She was able to clearly communicate the science behind her practice to answer my questions and provide me with assurances.

Cristi gave me more than a single session, she provided me with a plan to help make lasting changes in her behavior and the energy in our house. Cristi’s work has allowed me to ask others for help and allow friends into our home.

I highly recommend Cristi Eckert and Natural Pet Wellness for helping animals with behavior issues.


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