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Before you roll your eyes, find out why I buy Young Living oils

We can all agree that plants are medicine. They are nourishment that fuels our body, they are salves that heal a wound, and they are essential oxygen creators that sustain life. They also produce oils that are healing physically and emotionally. I have used essential oils with my family and animals for over 10 years. I learned about them in a yoga class-I always felt so relaxed there and the mats always smelled so clean! The instructor would diffuse the oils and class and clean the mats with essential oils after classes.

I learned quickly that not all oils are equal. Some oils had synthetic fragrances or were diluted. I didn't know where the plants were grown or how the oils were taken from the plants. Did those other oils use pesticides? No idea. The Young Living Essential Oils were a brand that stood for quality and education on how a good oil could change you for the better. When I started using oils on my pets, I actually cared more about the quality of oil than when I used one for myself! Many people treat their pets much better than they do themselves if you haven't noticed.

I only had one hang-up about using the Young Living oils.

I was told by my friends that it was network marketing and that would be followed by an eye roll from them. It seemed like such an annoying thing to be part of so for years I didn't share my love of oils with others. I was a closet user. Now and then I would make recommendations if a friend or family had an ailment. Stomach ache? Try the Digize oil. Sore from a workout? Try the Copaiba or the PanAway. Down in the dumps? Diffuse cherry citrus or put on some Motivation oil blend. But I never wanted to push anyone to purchase or even share how to buy them! Because then I felt like an Avon lady or like I was a Tupperware saleslady. Those are the stigmas of network marketing we grew up with.

In reality, buying essential oils from a company that has a trusted and great brand is pretty normal! Many of us have a Costco membership or an Amazon account. You pay to be part of a brand that has products you use and enjoy. With that membership, you get deals, possibly cash back based on how much you spend, and access that others don't get if they don't have a membership.

Young Living works the same way. By signing up under an oil rep that you know (important so you have a person to learn about what you are buying) and doing a one-time purchase of about $100 you unlock a 24% discount for a whole year on that first order and any future purchase. That saves you money on items that improve your health and that you use regularly! If I could save 24% on the stuff I buy at Target it would be a no-brainer to sign up for a membership. You also earn a percentage back that can be used on future orders. So let's see, I get 24% off, I get 10% (to start) back off of what I purchased to use on future items, oh, and they give you gifts every 3 months or free items based on how much you spend. I enjoy the oils, the cleaning products, and the skincare line. All their products are infused or mixed with essential oils so when I brush my teeth with their toothpaste, I am getting oils that are beneficial for me. When I use their facecare line, I am getting essential oils that are healthy for my skin. Oils raise your frequency and heal-I love that products I use on myself and in my home really work, are safe and healing all at the same time.

With any large company, they make changes based on the needs of the business and the economy. Recently they got a new website overall and that was bumpy but seems to be smoothing out. They also changed their shipping policy from free shipping with a $100 order to a reasonable discounted shipping option starting at $7.99 (even for heavy stuff like cleaner or Ningxia Red superfood juice) and as an incentive to reward a $100 order, they are offering a free oil gift.

I use essential oils as a tool to help animals and people in my business but I also use essential oils for my personal life and family. Before you eye roll, consider what you are using in your home, on your person, or on your pets. Think about the quality of the products you use every day. Are you supporting yourself, your family, and your pets in a healing and healthy way? I am always available to provide you with more information on how to use oils, the products that have essential oils in them, and help you save money on quality essential oils.,of%2050%2B%20PV%20on%20subscription.


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