About Natural Pet Wellness

Animals have been part of my entire life. As a kid, I would sneak in the neighborhood cat in through my window, pet any dog I came across, and walk dogs for neighbors. Not much has changed as an adult! I still pet every dog I see, all my animals live in the house and I talk to strangers about my love of all animals. As I got older, I worked at shelters, vet clinics and went to school specifically to learn more about animals. I worked with many animal organizations, pet sit for friends and family and even took in a pack of alpacas.


Despite working in retail and marketing, I kept finding my way back to working with animals.  What started as a "hobby" to learn about holistic ways to help my own pets has become a career to help other people and their pets live their fullest life. I trained in essential oil therapy through Young Living Animal Oil classes, I trained in energy work through HTA (Healing Touch for Animals) to help my aging dogs and I am certified Reiki Master. I've taken coursework in CPR and First Aid specifically for animals.  I realized these techniques can help all animals I meet, not just my own pets. I truly have a passion for animals and treat them with respect and love.

As I worked more with people's pets, I found the people benefiting from energy work and from having happy pets-by helping the hoomans, the people and their pets were able to have a greater bond and happier life.

  I look forward to meeting and caring for you and your furry family member!